Golden Pairs
Rare Artisan Beans



我們提供以下稀有, 獨特和珍貴的咖啡:

巴拿馬 波魁特 翡翠莊園 藝妓/瑰夏-水洗/淺焙

哥倫比亞 卡爾達斯 聖荷西莊園 蘭姆酒桶過桶浸漬-日曬/中焙

台灣阿里山 一品咖啡莊園- 日曬/淺中焙

金挑細選成雙組合 Golden Collection Pair, 2種稀有咖啡豆, 每種1袋各120克, 2袋一共240g.

我們提供2種選擇:台灣阿里山120克一包, 加上一包巴拿馬藝妓120克或一包哥倫比亞蘭姆酒桶過桶浸漬120克。(一共240克)


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Join the ranks of coffee royalty!

Enjoy two of the world’s most famous & sought-after coffee beans, roasted in small batches to bring out their most unique and desirable qualities right in your home.

We offer the following rare and treasured coffees:

Panama Boquet Finca La Esmeralda Geisha, Washed

Colombia Caldas Finca San Jose Rum Barrel Aged, Sun Dried

Taiwan Alishan Yi-Pin Estate, Sun Dried

We offer two choices for Golden Collection Pair: Get one 120g bag of Taiwan Alishan (240g total) plus either one 120g bag of Panama Geisha or one 120g bag of Colombia Rum Barrel.

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