Exquisite Manual Grinder


• 獨創圓潤三角造型,好握省力
• 手柄可折疊伸縮,方便收納
• 雙軸設計,軸心不晃動,粉粒均勻
• 精密陶瓷磨芯,低溫研磨保留原味
• 304不鏽鋼材質,堅固耐用
• 手柄無須取出,上蓋即可直接打開
• 卡榫設計,上蓋及粉槽可輕易打開結合
• 粉槽雙層設計,避免手溫影響咖啡粉
• 整機可拆卸,方便清潔

材料: 精密陶瓷,304不鏽鋼,塑膠(壓克力、PP)
容量: 進豆槽25g,集粉槽35g
尺寸: 直徑5cm,高20cm,手柄11cm
產地: 中國(台灣監製) 軸心: 台灣
注意事項: 粗細調整請勿太緊,避免磨芯磨擦,影響使用壽命!

• Space-saving, easy-to-carry “no base” design
• Original rounded triangle shape is easy to hold and effortless
• The handle can be folded and retracted for easy storage
• Double shaft design, the shaft does not shake, making grind   uniform
• Precision ceramic, low temperature grinding core, to retain the   original flavor
• Strong and durable 304 stainless steel material
• Upper cover can be opened directly without requiring removal of   handle
• Latch design allows the upper cover and grinding tank to be easily   opened and combined
• Double-layer grinding trough design keeps hand temperature from   warming the ground coffee
• Machine is fully detachable for easy cleaning

Product specifications
Material: Precision ceramics, 304 stainless steel, plastic (acrylic, PP)
Capacity: 25g bean trough, 35g powder collection trough
Size: 5cm diameter, 20cm high 11cm handle
Place of Origin: Grinding mechanism: Taiwan; Other parts: China
Patent application number: 106306889
Note: Do not adjust the thickness too much to avoid friction in the grinding core, which can shorten life span!

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