Hand Made Coffee Accessory Set



全球首創: 鑽石幾何造型,雋永迷人。
專利設計: 雙層設計技術,無底座濾杯。
萃取原味: 掌握水溫及水流,完美萃取。
方便好用: 無須拆解組裝及保養,容易清洗
恣意搭配: 可一起使用,也可單件使用。
台灣設計: 金點設計獎設計團隊,台灣之光。


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World’s first: diamond geometry coffee dripper, timeless and endearing design.
Patented design: Unique double-layer structure with no base filter bowl.
Extracts the original flavor: masters water temperature and flow for perfect extraction.
Convenient and easy to use: No need to assemble/disassemble, easy to maintain and clean.
Many combination choices: pieces can be used as a seamless group or individually
Taiwan Design: Golden Point Design


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