A-IDIO 人文手沖壺350ml(含溫度計、木蓋)-香檳金
Coffee Kettle Champagne Gold (350ml)


• 有溫度的手沖壺,萃取出咖啡的原味。
• 鍍鈦表面深邃沉穩的光澤,搭配櫸木壺蓋高雅華貴
• 具有鈦金獨特的效能–高硬度、防刮耐磨、抗腐蝕。
• 符合力學之手把設計,可輕易控制水流。
• 細膩工藝,壺嘴壺身無痕焊接。
• 整組方便收納,適合辦公室或外出使用
• 榮獲金點設計獎

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• This hand brewing pot extracts the original flavor of coffee.
• The titanium-plated surface maintains a deep and steady luster, and is complimented by an elegant beech wood lid
• It has the unique performance of titanium-high hardness, scratch resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.
• Complies with the mechanical handle design, which can easily control the water flow.
• Exquisite craftsmanship, no trace welding on the spout and body.
• The whole set is convenient for storage, suitable for office or outing use
• Won the Golden Pin Design Award


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