Diamond Dripper


• 首創無底座設計,不占空間好攜帶
• 迷人的鑽石造型,令人愛不釋手
• 可搭配任何尺寸之錐形濾紙,完全服貼
• 無須任何承架,即可置放於任何杯、壺之上
• 縷空架構,可讓空氣釋放自如,流速穩定不堵塞
• 玫瑰金和曜石黑版採用手工拋光,釉面易於維護和清潔
• 鈦金版表面以鍍鈦處理,耐磨、抗侵蝕
• SGS 檢驗合格,採用304不鏽鋼,安全堅固

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• Space-saving, easy-to-carry “no base” design
• Unique, attractive diamond shape
• Matches perfectly with any size of tapered filter paper
• No external support needed for placing on cup or pot
• Open, breathable design allows air flow through, eliminates clogging
• Rose Gold and Obsidian Black versions have hand-finished, glazed surface is easy to maintain and clean
• Titanium Edition surface is hand-plated with wear-resistant/corrosion-resistant titanium
• SGS rated safe, strong 304 stainless steel