A-IDIO 鑽石手沖咖啡架(手沖架+底座)
Diamond hand brew dripper base


• 雋永的鑽石造型,經典迷人,榮獲2019金點設計獎
• 拉長咖啡與空氣的接觸時間,口味更甘甜
• 是咖啡手沖架,也是冰滴咖啡架
• 支架與底座可分離,收納更方便
• 採用304食品級不鏽鋼,安全堅固
• 純手工精製,表面釉光處理好保養
• 搭配厚實櫸木底座,可輕易卡住結合
• 電子秤可直接置放在底座上使用

• 2019 Golden Point Design Award-winning timeless diamond shape
• Extends distance between filter and coffee pot, enhancing sweetness
• Can be used for both hot and cold brew methods
• The bracket and the base can be separated for convenient storage
• Uses safe, firm 304 food grade stainless steel
• Hand-made refined, surface glaze treatment
• Fits easily into thick beech-wood base
• Electronic scale can be placed directly on the base