Yi Pin Coffee Estate


『一品咖啡莊園』位於海拔1180公尺的阿里山區 。

莊園對於自然生態的環境友好,致力維護莊園動植物豐富的多樣性,時常有藍腹鷴、台灣獼猴、山豬前來拜訪咖啡叢林。午後咖啡園長年雲霧繚繞,平均日照短,日夜溫差大 ,正是得天獨厚的天候變化,讓咖啡果實熟成緩慢,孕育出的咖啡甜度和密度更高,風味也更加醇香豐富。

產量不多讓我們更加細心呵護咖啡的品質。日夜照顧每一 批剛採取的熟成的咖啡果實,宛如新生寶貝般細心照護,咖啡後製的每一道工法都秉持專業控管所有可能的變因,不管是日曬、蜜處理、水洗,我們都期待給您一杯暖心的精品咖啡。

一品咖啡莊園在2018年取得亞洲區首場『美國CQI Processing Professional美國咖啡品質協會專業後製師』。期待您與我們一起來趟一品咖啡的精品之旅 。

Yi Pin, as the name implies, is our persistence in coffee.

“Yi Pin Coffee Estate” is set in Taiwan’s Alishan region, amidst a vibrant natural ecology that includes Blue-bellied eagles, Taiwanese macaques, and wild boars. The farm is covered with clouds and mist every afternoon, and experiences large day/night temperature differences––conditions that help achieve a high sweetness and density, and a mellow and rich flavor.

A great cup of coffee starts with how the coffee is grown. Our low output plantings let us to spend more time taking care of every batch, just like a newborn baby. And we follow best practices for all our post-production, whether it’s sun exposure, honey treatment, or washing.

Yi Pin Coffee Estate won the first “American CQI Processing Professional” designation in Asia in 2018. We look forward to giving you a cup of heart-warming specialty coffee!