Chill 精品冷萃包組合
Chill Cold Brew Artisan Pack


享受6包,3種出色的單一產地咖啡,非常適合冷泡咖啡- 準備方式非常容易-只需將一包放入400毫升的水中過夜(或12小時以上)即可。 每包可製作相當於兩杯的沁涼冷泡咖啡!


Enjoy 3 great single origin coffees perfect for cold brew, containing in 6 pouches It’s super-easy to make––just place a pouch in 400 ml of water overnight, or at least 12 hours. Each pouch makes enough refreshing cold brew for two glasses! * The packaging may be different from each roasters.

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