A-IDIO 黑金木手沖壺(600ml)
Coffee Kettle Titanium Black(600ml)


• 黑色壺身搭配雞翅木手柄,紋理之美,獨具韻味
• 符合力學手柄設計,手感平滑好握拿
• 細壺嘴平切處哩,粗細水流皆自如
• 壺內加設擋水墊片,可防止瞬間水流過大
• 加厚304不銹鋼材質,保溫效果佳
• 壺蓋預留孔位,可直接插入溫度計
• 可於電晶爐,瓦斯爐上直接加熱

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• Black pot with wooden handle, beautiful texture, unique charm
• Ergonomically designed handle feels smooth and easy to hold
• Fine spout cut, the thickness and flow are free
• Blocking gasket is added to prevent the water from overflowing
• Thickened 304 stainless steel material, good insulation effect
• The hole in the lid is reserved for the thermometer
• Can be directly heated on cooktop burner and stove


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